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Control Options from Simple to Sophisticated

The optional Savage Programmable Setup Controller (PSC) eliminates manual press setup by storing setup data in memory.No manual adjustments are required for limit switch positions, changing main ram and cushion tonnages or fine tuning press speeds and dwell time values. Simply enter a job number and all the changeable set-up parameters are fine tuned to their predetermined values.Displays show detailed information about the status of the press controls, alarms, messages and I/O conditions. The user friendly operator interface displays numerical values and "at a glance" bargraphs for both setpoints and process values. Available in color touchscreen or by setpoint interface. Molding Presses include displays for temperatures, cooling and bump cycles.

The ability to "recall" repeat jobs from memory not only reduces changeover time but enhances quality control with consistently repeatable accurate parts. Data can be sent to a remote computer for historical data collection or to an SPC program.

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