Some of the Many Applications of Savage Presses Include:

Ball size or reduction of tubes
Blanking, drawing, forming sheetmetal
Blocking and bailing, solid rocket fuel, polymers, etc
Cold header die repair_
Compact food products
Die and mold spotting and try-out
Electric motor assembly systems
Heat bonding and glueing board products, shapes, honeycomb, aluminum panels
Hot extrusion
Hot forging of crystals and lenses
Internal pressure forming
Laminating sheet or board products
Molding - bulk, sheet, thermoplastics,prepregs, thermosets
Powder compaction, friction materials, explosive powders, metalic and magnetic powders, etc.
Pulley splitting and trueing
Shearing, perforating and punching
Stake, rivet or assembly
Steel rule die cutting

Straightening of rounds, flats and plates of any size

Superplastic forming of titanium or aluminum to 1800 degrees F
Trimming - including side ram trimming
Vacuum laminating

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